Importance of Sports Massage

A special guest visits our South Lincoln clinic…


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Following a gruelling 180 mile bike ride from RAF Coningsby to St Paul’s Eye Unit at Royal Liverpool University Hospital, RAF Typhoon Display Pilot, Jim Peterson, received a sports massage at our South Lincoln clinic on Monday 23rd July.


Typhoon Display Pilot Chartiy Cycle ride

Jim Peterson & his team.

The challenge was set to raise funds for St Paul’s Eye Unit, a place close to Jim’s heart. Flt Lt Jim Peterson almost lost his sight in 2000 following a freak accident when a shard of glass tore through his cornea. The talents of the team at St Paul’s Eye Unit meant Jim’s eye was saved and he fully recovered enabling him to continue with his career as a pilot in the RAF.


Typhoon Display Pilot Jim Peterson

The bike ride

The challenge started out in the flats of Lincolnshire, progressing through the Derbyshire peaks and ended in Liverpool. It was completed in under 36 hours between Friday 20th – Saturday 21st July, an impressive achievement for a group more used to bringing the noise in the skies than on the ground.

Of course, such an impressive feat doesn’t come without consequences, and so a very achy Jim was treated to a sports massage to help him recover from the challenge. 


How can a sports massage help?

Shannon explains:

A sports massage is essentially a recovery technique for athletically-induced aches, but is can also be employed as an injury prevention tool.  It involves the manipulation of soft body tissue; namely muscles, tendons and ligaments. For Jim the main benefit of his sports massage was to reduce pain and speed up recovery, however regular sports massage has a number of benefits.


sports massage, lincoln physiotherapy & sports injuries clinics, jim peterson, RAF typhoon display team pilot, charity bike ride, recovery

Jim discussing his concerns with physiotherapist Shannon


  • Rids the body of any build up in waste fluids, such as lactic acid after training or an event
  • Improved athletic performance
  • Injury prevention 
  • Pain reduction from recovering injuries
  • Relaxation and focus
  • Aids healing and recovery

Following the massage Jim could feel a significant improvement :

Having completed a marathon cycle ride of nearly 180 miles from Coningsby to Liverpool via the Peak District my body was definitely feeling the effects of all that exertion. Shannon did a brilliant job of relieving all my aches and pains in my legs and lower back with a sports massage. My first visit to the clinic, I found the environment to be really happy and friendly too. Highly recommend.  – Flt Lt Jim Peterson, Typhoon Display Pilot 2018

Importance of a quick recovery:


A quick recovery from the challenge was important for Jim as he is straight back in the air from Wednesday 25th onwards. It was an honour to be part of Jim’s recovery and we wish him the best of luck with the rest of the 2018 display season.

It is still possible to sponsor Jim and his team. To do so please visit their Just Giving page. 


Could you benefit from a sports massage?


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